Trashy to Classy Vol. 1

I’ve decided to start myself a little series called “Trashy to Classy“, at least for now. It’s not going to be scheduled or anything because I’m too impatient and disorganized for that, but it will feature makeovers done with items that I found in… you guessed it… the trash.

I am constantly finding things sitting on the curb on Monday nights before trash day… reusable things that are otherwise doomed for the dump! So I’ll grab them and fix them up and make them over! (Sometimes I even make a little money!) And it keeps this stuff out of the landfill. I grab big things that are on the curb, like a fountain, door, table, chair, mirror and hardback suitcase so far, so no, I’m not digging through anybody’s trash.

Check out this broken fountain turned planter:



Just had to drill holes in the bottom, glue some pieces back on, add soil and plants and… Presto chango- trashy to classy!

So what are your thoughts on grabbing trashy treasures from the curb?!?