Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!

This week I worked outside of my usual comfort zone in a few ways:

1.) I worked in the garage when it was like 5000 degrees outside- talk about NOT comfortable.

2.) I decided to take a few pieces that I had gotten for really cheap/free and experiment with different paints, new, bold colors and some stencils that I’ve had but never used. 

Here are the pieces I had to work with:

A mirror that was out on the curb on trash day (aka FREE!)-



And an end table that I got at a yard sale for $5:




Here are the results:


A black and red end table/night stand. It’s outside of my usual color pallet (as devoted Clemson Tigers we would never have black and red in our house… *shutter*) and I tried something cute I saw on another blog, Sunflower Hugs – painting a “surprise” stencil inside the drawer for a little added fun. The stencil turned out awful! haha. One big blob! So I think I’m going to try to decoupage some old book pages over it. I’ll let you know how it goes! 

I also added some salvaged, Italian pulls that I got from Sustainable Warehouse for 50 cents a piece!



And the mirror (I should have cleaned the glass better before taking pics… woops! Laziness wins out again.)



I painted it black, then painted a thin coat of white over that. Then, I took a big stencil and placed it randomly all over the frame and spray painted it black. I’m not crazy about it, but Ben thought it was awesome which made me feel good. I can put it up on Craigslist and anything I sell it for would be profit since the mirror was free. lol. (I also grabbed an old hardcover suitcase that was sitting with it. I’m thinking of adding legs and spray painting it a funky color. But more on that later!)

So lesson learned- don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, play around and experiment with new things! There isn’t anything that a sander or a coat of paint can’t undo!! In the words of Ms. Frizzle- Take chances, make mistakes, get messy! 🙂

Let me know what risks you’ve been taking lately!

This weekend I also picked up a new dining room set with drool-worthy carved back spindle chairs and a darling pedestal table off of Craigslist (Thanks for the great deal, Don!). It needs a little work so be on the lookout for that post! I also got an end table from Goodwill for $8 that was such an easy pick that I almost feel bad selling it for a profit. Here she is:


After further inspection I could tell that someone was almost finished stripping an original dark finish and gave up THIS CLOSE to being finished! I think what was left looks gorgeous, the remnants of the dark varnish just look like an antique finish.

It had a little rough spot on one corner where it looked like a furry friend got a little too curious, but I smoothed out the chew marks with a sander and it looks good enough, just a little “character” mark.

It also had one or two water rings on the top, but two seconds with the sander and a little polish- voila! Beautiful wood restored.

And obviously it didn’t have drawer pulls. I happened to have a few I picked up from Habitat for Humanity for a buck, so no problem there!!

Here she is after like FIVE MINUTES of work:



Well, I’m off to spend this rainy Sunday evening watching a movie with my loves, Ben and Cleopatra. Y’all have a great week!


PS: Be on the lookout for a few exciting posts including your invitation to a PARTY… 😉