Go bold, go gold!

We have been trying for months to figure out what the heck to do with our dining room (area). I bought a table and 5 chairs, refinished and reupholstered them and then decided that I didn’t love them anymore, that I really loved these carved back spindle chairs and round pedestal table that I saw on CraigsList. (Hubby loved that one. Haha)

So we bought them but then there was the color dilemma. We have an open floor plan downstairs so our dining furniture has to go with the rest of the downstairs furniture and decor- which is dark, ornate and antique-y. We didn’t want to do black because we have dark brown floors, didn’t want to do white, gray or blue because it wouldn’t match the feel of our downstairs. We thought red for a while but couldn’t pull the trigger… So we got stuck. And they sat around looking oak-y for a while. (The table was easy to cover with a purple table cloth from our wedding.)

And then the other day at work it hit me- GOLD!! I’ve kind of had the Midas touch lately and have been painting lots of things gold- little things like frames, nothing this big!

I knew it would be bold, but we went for it and I love it!





I got the inspiration from the gold detail in those frames I got off the curb on trash day.




I guess I never realized before how great gold and silver can be as nuetrals.

Here’s how I got the look (in case your furniture needs a Midas touch):

1.) Primed the chairs using Zinnser Bullseye Primer. (Because of the details on these chairs and all the little spindles I used spray primer to get it done faster. I DO NOT recommend this. It gave me this weird crackly surface… Awful.)

2.) Spray painted the chairs gold with this stuff.


Again, used a spray for speed on those details, but slow and steady wins the race. I will probably eventually redo these chairs because the finish is so poor in some places. I hear Martha Stewart makes a good metallic brush on paint. Any suggestions? If you do go the spray route buy more than you think you will need, traditional paint goes much further.

3.) Got in all the carved areas with a sponge and a mix of black stain and Penetrol. It gives it an antique look and brings out the details.

Two chairs side by side- left has glaze, right doesn’t.


Subtle difference, but all you have to do is wipe it on, let it sit for maybe 30 seconds and wipe off- so it’s worth the time, in my opinion.

Then they reunited with the table. The table is just staying table clothed for now!


What do you think about going bold with gold? Any good spray paint tips? (Here is mine. Do it outside- not in the garage. It is not ventilated enough even with the door open. My nose is still burning. :/)

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