Lyre Back Chair Gets a Re-Makeover

This little lyre back chair has actually been featured in one of my previous posts. I have kept it and enjoyed it in my house for a while, but then we bought a telescope that need its spot and I was willing to make that trade.

My friend Megan immediately expressed interest in it. She really is a great person for this little chair to go to- she is a musician AND she is an alumnae of my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, whose symbol is the lyre. It’s what made this chair special to me, so I’m glad I can pass it on to someone who also has that connection.

But, some of the paint was starting to bubble due to an old finish that was still hiding out in some spots. So, I had to re-do it. This time around I have a little bit more know how and better materials. 🙂

Some of the old finish was still stubborn so I did a more textured look to mask any imperfections. I used Driftwood, dry brushed with Antique White, both by General Finishes.

lyre back chair lyre back chair2

She wanted to pay for it, but I say this one is a gift- especially since she is letting us use her house in Clemson for two football games coming up! Yay football season! (aka when my life becomes significantly less productive.)

Go Tigers!

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