Crazy Layered Dining Room Table

As you’ll see in more upcoming posts I’ve been practicing doing a more layered and textured look. I definitely went a little crazy with this dining room table.

I planned to use this table for our house, but I’ll most likely wind up selling it. The colors turned out a little brighter than I had in mind, so it doesn’t match our decor. I would like to find another table like this and do a similar look with darker colors.

It really is cool in person, though. It started with just plain brown stain and had some damage to the finish, and I tried to sand and re-stain it, but it just wasn’t working too well.

Sooo I layered on almost every paint that I own. (Well, we all know that’s a lie… I have a paint addiction. haha) I used each color once or twice with different textured brushes, and a dryer brush with each layer.


After the paint, I went over it with a dark glaze that I made with stain and Penetrol. I dry brushed the legs with just white.

Here is the final product:

dining table angle dining table front dining table top

It’s kind of like a piece of modern art on a table. 😛

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