Another Set of Industrial Spool Tables

About a year and a half ago, I acquired two industrial wire spools from a construction site in my neighborhood. (You really should’ve seen my husband and I rolling these big things down the road.)

You may have seen my post about making these two spool tables. I still have one on my patio and love it, and the other I was able to sell pretty quickly.

But, I left one of the spools sitting out back for way too long. My husband liked using it as table when we had bonfires, but eventually it had to go.

I had some supplies handy that I could use as a base for two more spool tables.

First, I had a coffee table that we had been using on the patio that had seen better days. I thought it might make a cool outdoor coffee table for a large patio, so I took the top off of the coffee table and cut a section out of the base, so that it would actually fit under the spool. (The coffee table was longer than the spool.)

table base

Then I just used the original screws and screw holes to attach the base to the spool top. The end result was this:

spool coffee table side spool coffee table

I didn’t love it. Putting the table top on a flat base showed me how much the spool part had warped while sitting outside. And, I should have put the legs closer together. It kind of reminded me of a small alien creature roaming around. (You see it too, don’t you?!)

But, with the top being warped anyway, and it being 100 MILLION FREAKING DEGREES outside, I didn’t want to put more sweat (dripping, pouring, nasty sweat) equity into it. I gave selling it cheap on Facebook a shot and it sold. Fantastic. Out of my life.

I liked the second one better. The spool wasn’t as warped and the dining table height legs better suited the huge spool top. First I tried making a base for the table essentially from scrap, using table legs I had and fashioning my own frame/apron for it.


Then; I realized that I had a dining room table in my garage sitting in pieces that I did NOT feel like stripping down and re-painting. SO, I followed the same steps for the coffee table to make the dining height table.

I took the base of the dining room table (everything except the actual table top) cut it down to size by cutting some length out of the middle and attached it to the spool top.

Since it had a bad latex paint job from the previous owner (drips and peeling galore) and I didn’t want to tackle stripping the table legs (my worst nightmare), I just distressed the #$&^ out of them. It was a rustic look anyway, right? Right.

I thought this one was pretty cool and boy was it SOLID. It also sold pretty painlessly, which I was happy with. 🙂

spool table 3 spool table 4 spool table top spool table

In the future, I’ll definitely grab up any cheap tables with good legs that I come across. It’s just so easy to re-use the bases for fun projects and table legs are expensive! Who doesn’t love cheap and easy anyway? 😉

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