Soda Crate Foot Stool

Hey all! It’s been a while since I posted a project on my blog. I think there are a few things contributing to my blog slacker-ness.

1.) I think I burnt myself out a little before my yard sale in May.

2.) I actually did burn out my power drill.

3.) It is fuh-reaking hot in Charleston right now.


True story. So yeah, all of that has led to me being lazy and unmotivated. I have like 4 projects half finished right now… woops.

But here is a little something that I whipped up that I’m excited about! A vintage soda crate turned foot stool/ottoman.

I just cut a board for the top, upholstered it with foam and fabric, attached legs I painted and put it all together! I was planning on selling it at first, but I actually started using it way too much to get rid of it!

soda crate ottoman

soda crate ottoman2




I got the inspiration from a cute little piece that Brenda, over at made!

I actually have some supplies to make a few more of these, so let me know if you have to have one! 🙂

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