Trashy to Classy {Vol. 16}

Recently a lot of houses in my neighborhood have gone on the market and sold, and overall we can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Do they know some impeding doom coming to our neighborhood that we don’t know about? Is the market oversaturated with houses in our community? What does this mean for our property value? Who knows. And, since we aren’t moving anytime soon…


But one plus side of this sudden flight out of our neighborhood is that a lot of people get rid of furniture when they move in or out of a house. So that means lots of curbside goodies for me to scoop up.

Like, this blonde wood chest of drawers. (Sorry I forgot to take a real before photo, but very plain blonde wood, no curves, no pulls, completely flat drawers… you get the picture.)


To give this dresser a modern look, I mixed up a custom gray color using a few Behr sample pots that I already had. Then, I mixed DIY chalk paint using two parts paint to one part Calcium Carbonate (dissolved in water).

I stripped the drawers using Citristrip and Klean Strip After Wash and re-stained them with General Finishes Gel Stain in Java. (I’m seriously ADDICTED to this stuff.)

The hardest part for me is always applying the top coat. You get everything looking the way that you want, then you apply the top coat for protection and BAM- it’s a splotchy mess and looks like crap.

That definitely happened when I put a top coat over the paint on this dresser. I just couldn’t get it to go on even. So, I wound up sanding it down a little bit and just re-applying a thin coat of paint. I’m looking for some type of clear oil that could protect the paint a little. I love rubbing my darker pieces with Danish Oil, but that doesn’t always look good on lighter pieces since the oil has a dark color to it.

Another challenge I had with this dresser came when I pulled it out of the garage to photograph it. My garage has relatively low light, so when I bring pieces out into the sun I start to see flaws that I didn’t see when I was working indoors- like this big thumbprint looking spot on the second drawer. #RAAAAGE


Ugh. And the light was perfect for taking pictures at that time, but I had to fix that spot before I could snap the final pictures. At first I tried to just apply a little more stain to that spot using a Q-tip. But it didn’t absorb well.

So, I sanded a larger patch of the drawer, applied wood conditioner and then re-stained that larger patch. This worked much better. Since I sanded and conditioned the stain absorbed better and since I did a larger section of the drawer front, instead of that small circle, it blended better.

So here’s the after:

gray dresser 2

I’m still looking for some sort of clear oil to top this piece off and give the paint a little more hardness. But, for now, it’s finished.

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