Mid-century Modern Coffee Table (from Hell)

Oh my gosh. This coffee table.

I was so excited to try out a mid-century modern piece and swap my usual shabby chic style for something with clean lines and a nice, smooth finish.

Never. again.

The paint wouldn’t stick, then it dried different colors, then there were brush strokes and paint globs and drip marks… OH MY! With a shabby style, you can sand these things out and not have to worry about 100% uniformity. Not with MCM.

Here is a (really crappy) before photo:


And then here are some “during” pictures, that push me to the brink of craziness all over again:

IMAG3598 IMAG3600 IMAG3608


The worst part about it is that, even though I did finish this up, (after about 2 months of it sitting in my garage unfinished) I know that this piece would have been better off had I not painted it because it’s still got some definite imperfections. :/ Live and learn I guess. But it photographs alright. 😉

mcm coffee tableNote to future self (and others interested in getting a luxurious, smooth finish): Prime with a tinted primer, take your time, don’t be cheap- buy the good paint and brushes, and learn when to leave well enough alone.

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