How to make candles with any container!

Sooo… I said that I was going to post this like a month ago. I know yall were on the edge of your seat for those 3 or 4 weeks. 😉

Well life gets in the way of my blogging sometimes. So here are a few quick easy steps for making candles out of any neat containers that you have. (jars, teacups, wine glasses, shot glasses, pretty bowls, etc.)

First, you’ll need a jar candle and a candle warmer. (Cheapos from WalMart work just dandy.)

Then, you’ll melt the wax until it’s completely liquid on the warmer. It will likely take several hours.

Meanwhile, you can prep your container by putting a wick inside. I recommend gluing the silver disc attached to the bottom of the wick to the bottom of your container to keep it from floating up when you pour in the wax. You can hold the wick in place using a cardboard contraption with a hole in it, like the one shown in the image below. (Thanks to Ruth from for that tip!)

One the wax is completely liquid, take the jar off of the warmer and pour it into your new container. Then, leave everything as is until the wax has hardened. Then, you can clip the wick to the desired height and remove the cardboard.

candle steps

(click to see full size)

I had some bubbling in some of mine when the wax hardened, so I just lit a long candle lighter and ran it along the top of the candle to smooth out that outer layer of wax.

These were super easy little gifts to make and were a big hit with those that received them! 🙂

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