Christmas Candles and Homemade Lamps

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! My blog has been a little quiet for a few weeks, because I’ve been spending lots of time making homemade Christmas gifts. Since they were supposed to be a surprise, I couldn’t post them until now!

We made homemade lamps for my parents and my in laws. The Christmas themed lamps were for all of the parents, and the liquor lamps were for my husband’s younger brothers.

To make the Christmas lamps, we bought big mason jars, and filled the bottom with rock salt to look like snow. The Christmas ornaments were all from the Dollar Tree. Then, we bought lamp kits and drilled holes in the jar lids to attach the lamp kit to the jar.

xmas lamp 2 xmas lamp1

The concept was basically the same with the liquor lamps, but without the snow and Christmas ornaments.

liqour lamp PP liquor lamp 2

And we also made candles in vintage looking mason jars and teacups!

jar candle

tea cup candleNext week, I’ll share my tricks for making candles in fun containers like these! 🙂

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