Super Shabby Chest of Drawers

Happy Thursday!

I usually try to post on the weekends, but I didn’t actually get a project completed in time for a post last weekend thanks to spending all my time pulling my hair out over a mid-century modern coffee table that I SWEAR will be the death of me.

But, I took a break from trying to paint all those clean lines to let out some frustration on this little chest of drawers.


Talk about good bones! I loved this little chest as soon as I saw it- I think because it reminds me of apothecary drawers, even though it’s actually only 3 drawers.

A friend and I were driving around the I’On Community Yard Sale, it was freezing cold, and this guy only had like 2 things out in his driveway, but I had to stop! The nice man had no idea what to price his things at and just wanted them gone so he could go back in his warm house, so he took my offer of $10.

(Side note: For those of you who aren’t familiar with Charleston, I’On is a SUPERRRR nice neighborhood and, let me tell you, I will NOT be missing their next community yard sale! Even though it felt like Hell was about to freeze over, my friend Rachael and I put on our big girl pants and got our butts out there!)

So this little chest definitely had good bones and it was super heavy, but the finish was worn and it had a few wood chips and wood glue lines here and there, so I knew I’d have to go super shabby to disguise the small imperfections- which I am MORE than ok with! 🙂

First, I did a layer of DIY white chalk paint, then I did stripes of teal and yellow.

teal chest during pic

I did this so that in some places the teal would stay prominent, even after heavy sanding, and then in other spots distressing would show white, yellow and some wood spots.

I then painted the whole thing with teal DIY chalk paint and sanded the whole thing with a medium-fine grit sandpaper. I also used my electric sander in some parts where I wanted to really heavily distress and get down to the wood.

Topped it off by rubbing on some Danish oil, adding some drawer liners and putting the hardware back on and it was finished!

(This is way easier and more fun for me than the clean lines of mid-century modern, I must admit! The hardest part of this whole project was cutting the drawer liners to be reasonably straight. I swear I have the hand-eye coordination of a 4-year-old sometimes!)

teal chest with WM

teal drawer close up with WM

teal inside drawer with wm

This piece is going up for sale. But, I really love how it turned out, so it will be hard to part with!

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