Small Sitting Room & Piano Bench Makeover

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween with lots of treats! I sure did! I may or may not have had a mini Snickers bar for breakfast… Anyway, I just have a quick post to share with you all today. It’s a little change that we made in the small sitting area that is attached to our bedroom.

We used to have a vintage green sofa in the sitting room that was really cute, but too long and not very comfortable. So recently we traded form for function and got this beige chair and a half. It’s unbelievable how long it took us to find something like this at a reasonable price. We wanted it to be roomy enough for two people to snuggle up, but not a full blown love seat. We also wanted it to be a neutral color, since we already have a few colors going on in our bedroom. I’d constantly see these chairs online that were bright red, or striped or floral patterned, but nothing that was nice and simple. So, when I saw this chair on Craigslist, being sold with a couch, I had to jump on it and see if the seller would separate the pieces and sell us just the chair. Luckily, she did. It was a little more than I usually pay for second hand furniture, but it was something that we really needed in order to be able to actually use and enjoy this little space.

piano bench

But, obviously, for quality snuggling while watching tv or reading, you need a place to prop your feet up. That’s where this little piano bench came in. I bought this on Craigslist for $10, but it needed some work. The joints were loose, the velour top was damaged and the finish was really scratched up.


But, for $10, I can fix that! I hammered all the joints back together and recovered the seat with burlap from a recycled coffee sack. Then, I painted the frame with General Finishes Milk Paint in Driftwood. Check out my post on this stuff- I seriously love it- no prep, durable and a super smooth finish every time- it’s like magic!

piano bench2

Put it all back together, and it’s the perfect little ottoman for our cozy little nook. 🙂

piano bench3

I’ll definitely be enjoying such much needed chill time in that big comfy chair very soon!

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