I’m in love… with a paint!

Disclaimer: General Finishes sent me free samples of a few of their products, in exchange for a review of those products. However, all of the opinions (and love) are my own and totally honest! 

About a week or so ago, I got a very exciting package in the mail! I received 2 samples of General Finishes Milk Paint (in Driftwood and Tuscan Red) and their High Performance Water Based Top Coat in flat sheen.

I had heard rave reviews of General Finishes before, and had never tried any of their products, or any milk paint at all actually, so I was dying to give these products a try!

I have been using DIY chalk paint or regular old paint and primer for a while now, so I was most worried about the adhesion of the milk paint. And boy, was I impressed!

The paint was nice and thick and covered beautifully! I tried it on an piano bench (post coming soon!) that had very old black paint and on it and even with no sanding and it worked like a dream! I also tried the milk paint on a chair that had been previously stained and varnished (on this one I sanded a bit since it was glossy before). Again, adhered and covered the old finish with no problem!

Then, I put it to the ultimate test- would it work on a super smooth glossy finish without any prep work??? (Cuz that’s the real allure of chalk paint.) And sure enough… the paint stuck and went on sooo silky smooth!! Brush strokes? What brush strokes?

One honest thing that I want to point out, is that it did look kind of terrible as it dried. It didn’t look as opaque and looked kind of uneven. But a few minutes later (really, just a few- this stuff dries super fast) it looked awesome! Total coverage, completely even and smooth! Keep calm and let the paint dry!

Seriously yall, this is the good stuff! Check out this pretty little jewelry display that I painted with General Finishes Milk Paint in Driftwood.

The paint distressed very nicely, but still seemed super durable- especially after I topped it off with their High Performance Water Based Top Coat! It’s hard to find a top coat that allows you  to keep a flat sheen, so this is definitely a keeper!

An added bonus- all of these products are environmentally friendly and water-based (aka: super easy clean up!)

jewelry table jewelry table2 jewelry table3 jewelry table4

After having such fabulous results with their milk paint and top coat, I am DYING to try their Java Gel Stain!

If you already love to paint furniture, or just want to give it a try, I HIGHLY recommended finding your local General Finishes retailer! This amazing paint made this makeover a dream to work on!

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