Trashy to Classy {vol. 14}

Sorry for my random Monday post. I’ve been trying to stick to posting on the weekends, but I worked last weekend and then worked super crazy hours during the week. This weekend, I went with friends and family to Clemson to see my Tigers beat Louisville!


Anyway, I have some cool new things and a cute little nightstand to share with you this week!

First up, I’ve been trying out different chalk paint recipes and branching out to new colors. I did this table in teal and yellow and made the chalk paint using 1/4 cup calcium carbonate and 1/4 cup unsanded grout (found in the grout section of Home Depot). I mixed the 2 powders with a little water and a paint stick, making sure not to make the mixture runny.

Then, I mixed my paint in. I actually didn’t use a blender this time, just a paint stick. The paint turned out great! A nice creamy texture with a smooth finish.

To achieve a layered paint look, I used a dry brush technique that I learned from this video.

I started with a thin layer of yellow. You do this with barely any paint on your brush. I wiped some off on a paper towel each time that I dipped my paint brush.


Then, I went over that with some teal brush strokes using the same technique.


i did that on all sides several times. Then, I added some white to really make it pop.


Once the paint was dry, I distressed it by wrapping a little sandpaper around my finger and striking the piece with the sandpaper, instead of rubbing. I thought this worked really well and made the distressing nice and smooth.


I rubbed it down with some danish oil, put the drawer back together and here it is:


(Photographing in the dark stinks! I hate that the days are getting shorter! WAHH!)

This piece isn’t for sale because my mother-in-law called dibs on it right away! So it now resides in Louisville, KY!

Hope this new chalk paint recipe and painting technique inspires you to try something new!

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