Vintage Storybook Table

A while back I posted about how I loooove old books. Well, this little table has to be one of my favorite book inspired projects. 🙂

I snagged a nice little end table for $5 at a community yard sale last weekend. I don’t have a great before picture of it, but you can see it on the left of this photo, with the rest of my yard sale loot. It was in great shape and even had a glass top with it- score!

IMAG3377 (1)

I don’t exactly have baby fever (far from it, actually!), but I must have had baby on the brain thanks to all of my friends being pregnant, because I immediately wanted to cover the top of the table with book pages from an old book of children’s stories that I had.

Here is what it looked like all Modge Podged up, but it dried perfectly clear and pretty darn smooth!


I was originally thinking white paint because white tends to sell pretty quickly, but I quickly realized that we had a bleeder on our hands. The oils or stains from the wood was seeping through my white paint and staining it splotchy pink and gross. I even tried to add a coat of primer, and you could still see the pink through the layers of white.

I wasn’t totally satisfied with how the white looked against the book pages anyway, so I decided to try a little darker paint. Covering the white with gray paint worked like a charm. No more bleed through and it provided more contrast for the table.

Here’s the finished product:

kids table top kids table

kids table close up

I think it would be great for an end table or nightstand or even a small child’s desk, where they can color and stash their art supplies! (Thanks to my friend Rachael for that idea!)

What would you use it for?

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