Teal Distressed Table

I got this cute little table at a garage sale last weekend. I am so bad at haggling, whether I’m the buyer or the seller, but I did get this seller to take $20, instead of $25. It’s more than I usually spend on a small project piece, but I just loved the shape, details and those legs! ❤

The top was fairly scratched, but let’s be honest… I was going to paint it either way.




I’ve been trying to get better at mixing DIY chalk paint and getting a heavily distressed, but smooth, finish so I tried my hand at both on this piece. I talked about my new chalk paint recipe in my Calcium Carbonate & Coffee Table post. But, this time, I used a blender ($2 garage sale score!) to mix the paint, which really helped! I still used about a 2:1 ratio of paint to calcium carbonate, but I put the CC with a tiny bit of water in the blender first, mixed those, and then added the paint and blended again.

First, I did a layer of teal chalk paint. Then, once that was dry, I rubbed a small wax candle over places that I wanted the white paint to chip. Then, I painted over everything with a layer of white chalk paint and distressed using a sanding block and calling in my mouse sander at some points.

I know the heavily distressed look isn’t for everyone, but I love it! The more I look at this table sitting in our foyer, the more I like it. My husband asked if we could keep it, and that’s the best compliment that I can get on any of my work. 🙂

Alright, alright. Cheese over. Here’s the after photos that you came here for:


teal flower table


teal flower table2




PS: Check out this sweet rainbow that came out while I was outside photographing this piece. (Sorry about the terrible editing, my focus way off, so I’m trying to pretend it was on purpose.)





According to the rainbow, there is a pot of gold in my house!




And a Clemson sunset…






Ok. For real. I’m done. Thanks for stopping by!!

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