Antique Cane Bottom Chairs

Hey all! Happy 4th of July!!


This is just a quick little post, but check out these gorgeous cane bottom chairs that I picked up at an auction a few weeks ago! If you read my posts regularly, you may remember me ravinggg about this place and the fabulous deals that I got! Well, this pair of antique chairs was definitely the highlight of the evening for me! $20 for the pair- what a steal! It’s so hard to find these kinds of chairs with the caning in good shape!


I considered selling them and even posted them on several websites, since I couldn’t really find a good place for them. But, once a few offers started coming in, I got cold feet and might have “accidentally” deleted those emails.


Looks like they are sticking around for now! 🙂


antique cane bottom chairs

2 thoughts on “Antique Cane Bottom Chairs

  1. Should you ever want to sell them please contact me … my farm was hit by a tornado last June and we lost 2 of our kitchen chairs that closely match the ones in your photo.

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