Sea Glass Parlor Chair

Hey all!

Thanks for checking out this post even though I have been SERIOUSLY slacking on blogging lately! I have been so busy with work and friends and traveling and getting things done around our house that I have really neglected my blog. It took a while for it to dawn on me that I should be blogging about those house projects, which is pretty darn obvious, I know- don’t ask me why my brain doesn’t work this way.

Anyway, I needed a break from house projects last weekend and decided to check out an auction at a new antiques place near my house. So glad I did! It just opened recently, so it wasn’t very crowded. And, while they didn’t have the huge selection of antiques that some of the other auctions get, I got way better prices! The staff was wayyy more friendly too! I even got a thank you card for registering as a bidder- crazy, right?!

One thing I scored was this little chair that looks like it belongs in an ice cream parlor!




I got it for $3!!! You can’t get a stick of gum for $3 at the other auctions I go to!

Here she is now:



The paint is Krylon spray paint in “Sea Glass” and the fabric is from good ol’ Wally World, so this was a super inexpensive little makeover! (And a quickie to get me back in the game!)

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