Star Spangled Two-Seater {Trashy to Classy Vol. 11}

Wow, it has been WAY too long since I have had the time to work on any new projects, let alone sit down and write a blog post! Now that spring has sprung, we have had a steady stream of out of town guests. We loved every minute of it, but any new projects went on the back burner.

This one won’t be long either. I’ll be headed out in a few minutes to help my friend Rachael get ready for her bridal portraits- SO EXCITING! 🙂 Fun fact: they are striving for a reduce-reuse-recycle style wedding and she blogs about those adventures here!

Anyway, since I don’t have much time- back to the furniture!

I found this old dinette set all taken apart on the side of the road. It was in pretty yucky shape.



I gave it a quick paint job using homemade chalk paint {latex paint + baking soda} in a light gray color. The paint wasn’t adhering as well as I am used to (I was using a different brand of paint- serves me right!), so I added  little watered down Plaster of Paris to the mix to try to get a better stick. Note to self: This causes a chemical reaction. The paint bubbled over the edge of the can and all over my garage floor! I would have been mad if it wasn’t so hilarious! But, I tried to salvage some of the paint and it wound up being super durable and sanding down to very smooth, chalky finish.

I went over the top with a homemade antiquing glaze {stain + Penetrol} and a homemade whitewash mixture {latex paint + Floetrol} to add some dimension and camoflauge some imperfections. Since this was a freebie, I didn’t mind doing some experimenting with the materials that I had.

I covered the seats in some star-spangled burlap fabric that I had leftover from making our office curtains.

While I was taking pictures of this, our the HOA’s landscapers were walking around my house putting out fresh pine straw. They don’t speak a lick of English, and I speak barely a lick of Spanish, so let’s just say they definitely thought I was loco!!

Here are the pictures that I had to look like una chica loca to get!




I have a few more things in the finishing stages- a cute little wicker end table and a toy chest for a very sweet family from our church! 🙂 Look for those on the blog soon!

Hope yall have a fabulous weekend! I know I will- we are having beautiful beach weather here in Charleston!

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