Maple Slab Table

I’ve been a little MIA lately. I was feeling under the weather, and then work got a little crazy, so I haven’t had a lot of time to finish any of the 10,000 projects that I’ve started.

I did finish this little beauty yesterday.

I got the slab and the pedestal at the flea market for $30– not too shabby. The slab had been spray painted with a leaf pattern, which wasn’t very attractive, but that sanded off fairly easily. Then, I attempted to stain the nice flat side with Minwax Early American, and that wasn’t coming out dark enough for me, and the wood was absorbing less and less of it as I layered more on. So, I tried a little Jacobean, which is pretty dark, but I figured not much would be absorbed at this point– it turned the whole thing black INSTANTLY. I couldn’t wipe any off. Long story short, I botched the nicer, flatter, smoother side.

So we chopped a bit off of the back side and sanded it the best we could without any really heavy duty tools for the job. The second time around I got a TON of advice before moving forward. I started with Minwax Pre-Stain Conditioner and went over that with Danish Oil. Boy, was this wood thirsty! It drank up both cans. It looked great last night but, 24 hours later, is starting to look a little dry again– so I think I’m going to try some coconut oil that I picked up from Costco today. I learned that trick from Susan over at Sunflower Hugs! If nothing else, it will make the table smell yummy!

Here are the before and afters! (Not true before & afters, because I had already removed the table top from the pedestal, but you get the picture.)




Forgive my low light picture and the fact that these frames have no pictures, yet! (We still have frames that we received as wedding shower gifts 2 years ago with no pictures in them, haha!)




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