Dining Room Saga/Farmhouse Style Dining Table

Not that I think everyone/anyone follows our dining room table saga, but anyone that’s been to our house may have noticed that we have made changes to the dining room table one or two five or so times in less than a year. Woops!

First, we had a small $15 Craigslist table that I don’t think I have any pictures of- partially because it NEVER saw the light of day without a table cloth!

Then, we realized we needed something a little bigger and in came another Craigslist purchase and our little table became the Tiger Tailgate Table. Again, I don’t have a picture of this table in its original condition- except a few of these tasty little shots of the bubbling action that was going on:


But the table was just like this one, with a leaf: (photo credit Centsational Girl)


I really shouldn’t have bought it in the condition that the top was in but 1.) I was impatient, 2.) I liked the chairs that came with it and 3.) I didn’t realize that the inside was particle board and that those bubbles couldn’t be easily properly repaired.

So, I tried sanding the bubbles and painting it, which helped a little but I didn’t love it. I expected the paint color to be darker, too.

Forgive me for not properly photographing it, because I was being pouty and didn’t like it. Here is a picture of it half-way finished, and then another picture of it 90% finished as it’s getting pushed out of the way to make room for our newest table!


(This pictures makes me think it might be prettier two-toned, dark on bottom, light on top.)


(Like I said, I snapped this picture as we were pushing it out of the way to make room for our new table. I hadn’t even bothered glazing the leaf! Notice how it doesn’t match?! I will definitely do this before selling it though- for a steal since the top is still not perfect.)

So, now that you have scolled past er, … read most of the back story, here is our newest and definitely most-loved dining table solution!

dining  table 2

You might recognize those legs from the Tiger Tailgate Table. They were the legs on our original $15 Craigslist table. It’s funny how things come full circle- I knew I liked those legs! 🙂 (I also really love the big, chunky farmhouse style legs and I tried to snag some from a local salvage place when I saw them on their Facebook, but they were sold by the time I got there! But, using what we already had really cut down on cost!)

We just took the table top off of the legs (we were actually already storing it this way) and left the frame intact. Then, we got some rough framing 2 x 8s at Home Depot- not the more expensive ones that are smooth and sanded, the ones that are likes $6 for 10 foot. (The lumber was the only thing we had to purchase for this table so it cost us less than $20 total!!)

21c7ee78-42a4-4212-97af-f381f8785c60_300 (We did try to find some reclaimed wood, but didn’t have much luck with finding pieces that would work for this.)

We cut them in half to make 5 foot planks and sanded the edges smooth.

Then, we stained them Minwax Early American- for me, it has always turned out much darker than the can shows.


And topped that off with some polyurethane. I read that poly is best for dining tables because wax and varnish won’t hold up to the moisture and heat that a dining table is exposed to.

For the legs, I mixed up a whole gallon of chalk paint using a new recipe– a Plaster of Paris recipe that I found on Knick of Time Interiors. It worked like a charm! I wish I could tell you the color because I LOVE IT, but I can’t because it’s from a random can I picked up at a salvage place for $1- score!!! It’s the perfect mix of blue/gray, but not too blue and not too white, for me!

dining table 3

We haven’t actually secured the boards in place yet, but they are heavy enough to stay put. We wanted to try it out a few times to see if it was too narrow and if we needed to add another board, which I think we are going to do.

This would allow for chairs to fit under the table more easily, allow more room for plates and just not look a little awkwardly narrow. We also want to add an area rug to make the planks in the table stand out from the floor more. Something old, faded and threadbare like this (but NOT $2,400!):


(at least it’s free shipping, right?)

or this:


It’s not 100% finished yet, but I think this table will make the cut for a while! 🙂

dining table



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