Vintage Music Chair

I got this little music chair at an auction a few weekends ago. I really, REALLY don’t need anymore chairs, but I couldn’t resist this one because it’s a lyre back chair and lyres happen to be the symbol for my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega! So it brings back good memories. 🙂

And it’s so cute, too! It’s petite enough for a child, but not so big that an adult couldn’t sit it in. And the seat lifts up to hold sheet music! (Or books or magazines or a little throw blanket now that it is in my house!) I didn’t even realize that it had this until after I bought it. I went to pick it up and put it in my car and  noticed that a leg was really wobbly. I was kind of aggravated at myself at first that I didn’t notice the broken leg when I checked out the chair before the auction. I gave it a little inspection to see how I could fix the leg and saw that 1.) the leg was a super easy fix and 2.) the seat lifted up to reveal a great little hiding spot! Double win! I went from aggravated to super excited!!

I gave it a makeover by painting it Graceful Gray by Behr and re-upholstering it using some star-spangled burlap fabric that we were previously using for curtains. The gray was much lighter than I expected it to be!

I used homemade chalk paint (latex paint + baking soda) for the paint job. Check out the before and afters! 🙂



We’ll see if I have the heart to sell it! ❤

To all my Alpha Chi ladies- With lyres and pearls, we’re the greatest of girls! 😛

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