Duck Egg Chair

After a few days of being cooped up because of icy rain and snow last week (which almost NEVER happens in Charleston), I was going a little stir crazy! On Saturday I had to bundle up and drag myself out in the cold to hit up a yard sale and an auction.

At the yard sale (an “indoor yard sale”- thank goodness!) I got this chair and a big roll of black and white checkered fabric. ($6 together- what a steal!)


It’s originally from Morris Sokol, a trendy furniture store in downtown Charleston that is wayyy out of my price range.

I love how it is oversized- about 50 percent wider than your standard dining chair. The finish was scratched up and the fabric on the seat was stained, but both were easy to fix. 🙂

I used homemade chalk paint (flat latex + baking soda) and homemade antiquing glaze (dark stain + penetrol) to give this girl a makeover.

The paint is Duck Egg by Martha Stewart, but I got it color matched in Behr Premium Plus with primer. I painted, distressed with my electric sander and then, rubbed on a little glaze.

These kinds of seats are super simple to reupholster- just unscrew the seat and use a staple gun to attach the new fabric. I used the fabric that I got at the same yard sale. They were destined to be together.

duck egg chair

It’s been up for sale for a few days now… no luck yet. I’ll have more of my yard sale and auction finds coming up on the blog soon! 🙂

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