Living Room Mini Makeover

I have to admit, one (of the many) mistakes that I made as a first time homeowner is that I got wayyy overeager as we prepared our new home. I wanted everything done, furnished, decorated, etc. right away. I was painting furniture for our new house in the living room of our apartment before our house was even finished. This impatience caused me to make mistakes, waste money and still not have things the way that I wanted them. Putting myself in a time crunch made me settle for less and pay more. I made purchases that I now regret and I am selling things I bought at a loss. I’m repainting and re-re-painting furniture that I got sloppy on. But I have learned a valuable lesson from those mistakes. I’ve learned to let things unfold slowly in our home. I’ve learned to take the time to find the right piece at the right price instead of forcing the issue. It won’t always be there right away, but I am much happier with my decisions now that I have started to be more patient.

One room that we didn’t make any quick purchases for was our living room. We already had living room furniture from our apartment. I was frustrated because the furniture was too big and too dark for our new living room, but since our living room furniture was less than a year old, super comfortable and kind of expensive (by my standards) I wasn’t ready to force the issue and part with it yet. And I’m glad I didn’t.

The big changes we’ve made in the living room so far have been mounting the tv in October, switching out the ottoman for a coffee table in December and adding an area rug last weekend. I love how it is turning out and we have gotten great deals because I have been PATIENT.

Check out the coffee table we got at the flea market for $20 and the $30 area rug we got from Wal-Mart!

living room mo2

They remind me of these MUCH  more expensive pieces that I have seen from places like Pottery Barn, One Kings Lane and Restoration Hardware.








I think the room looks more broken up and spacious now that EVERYTHING isn’t big, dark and low to the ground.



AFTER (But still a work in progress):

living room mo1

Including the brackets for the shelf this room has cost us $53 ($123 if you include the new tv, which we offset with our garage sale earnings and gift cards saved from Christmases and birthdays) and I am very happy with it. (Say hi to Cleopatra, our dog, in the corner! Her bed’s not the prettiest thing, but she owns my heart so it stays where it is.)

Is the couch still too big and too dark? Probably.  But I’m lounging on it as I write this post and I can tell you that this couch isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! 🙂

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