Trashy to Classy Vol. 10

This edition of Trashy to Class features a pretty drastic makeover. Check out this little nightstand I found sitting next to a dumpster at work: IMAG2186 The veneer on the top was peeling, it was water-stained, dirty and just generally bleck. But it was also sturdy and free and I like both of those things. The first thing I had to do {after a good cleaning} was take care of the veneer problems on the top. I was able to chip away at it with a putty knife and peel off large sections at a time. For parts of the veneer that were holding on a little tight, I just adjusted and went at it from another angle until I could find a weak spot. Then, I sanded down the top to remove {most} of that staining. IMAG2188 Then, I removed the drawers and hardware and primed the whole thing with Zinnser Bullseye Primer. (I always prime and paint the drawers separately, so the paint doesn’t make them stick closed when it dries.) I used chalkboard paint on the top and Aqua Waters by Behr on the bottom. IMAG2257 Once it was dry I lightly distressed the edges with my mouse sander. To give it more of an aged look and add some depth and dimension, I mixed up some homemade antiquing glaze using a dark Minwax stain and Penetrol and rubbed that in some of the crevices. I spray painted the pulls flat black, but rubbed some of it off to make it look older. I also added some drawer liners from the DOLLAR TREE! Here is the finished product: nightstand nightstand2 nightstand3 I am usually not drawn to colors like this, but I have seen so many makeovers on other blogs with beautiful turquoise colors and I felt inspired to try something new. I am so glad that I did because I had 3 buyers lined up for this within hours of posting it for sale! It will definitely be a new go-to color for me!

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