Hideaway Wii

One challenge to having a love of vintage style and a home that reflects that style is that there are all these gadgets that we either need or enjoy having that often have to sit out. Think tv, video games, cable boxes, etc. I want all these things to be accessible in my home but I don’t necessarily want them on display.

I’ve seen people on Pinterest or in blog land that have these amazing shutter type systems to hide their tv, and maybe I’ll do something like that one day, but let’s start a little simpler. I found an easy way to hide the smaller things (for us it’s our Nintendo Wii aka Netflix box and our cable receiver).

Here is my two step system:

Step 1: Tear the pages out of an old book.

Step 2: Hide things.



Easy enough, right?

Now about the book. Anything hardcover with an attractive spine will do. I’m not condoning ripping up antique literature here, more like books that aren’t being read and have seen better days.

I love how it keeps our stuff accessible, but out of sight. 🙂

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