Name in a Frame!

Would you like it in a box? Would you like it with a fox?

Pardon me while I channel my inner Dr. Suess over here. 

Here is a peek at my go-to Christmas present for this year. Seriously, I cheated and almost everyone in our family got one of these frames for Christmas. They had to all open them at the same time, so it wouldn’t ruin the surprise for everyone else. (Hmm… you got a name frame, I wonder what the other 5 long rectangular wrapped presents might be.) Luckily everyone really liked them!


I got the frames for $20 at Wal-Mart and printed the letters for free from this Tumblr by Leo Reynolds. He has a ton of great letter photos!

I thought it was a great gift for $20. And you aren’t limited to names. You could do words people like to decorate with (think, Home, Family, Blessed, Live, Laugh, Love) or sports teams (anything 6 letters or less- Ravens and Tigers for me!) or how about “I Do” broken up by wedding pics… cute!

We chose louder, bolder, more modern photos for my sister and brother-in-laws and more traditional looking letters for my husband’s parents.

The only downside about these frames is that they are not easily painted. TRUST ME! I ruined a frame the night before we needed these to be finished and had to send my husband back to Wal-Mart only to find that there were no more on the shelves! Luckily a nice associate found one in the back! I tried so many different techniques and types of paint and EVERYTHING just flaked right off. There is a warning on the back of some spray paints that there is one type of plastic that the paint won’t adhere to and this must be it!!

But overall, they were an easy and inexpensive but also unique and thoughtful gift!

Do you have any go-to DIY gifts? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

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