Industrial Spool Table

No, you aren’t seeing double. I loved these tables so much that I made TWO! 🙂

These tables were made from old wire spools that were left empty at a construction site by house. (We asked before we took them, like the law abiding citizens that we are. But we sure did look crazy rolling these big old spools down the street to our house!)

If you’ve ever seen a wire spool, you know that it has two round ends (like a regular thread spool). I just unscrewed the round ends from the middle and viola- two super cool table tops!

The metal legs I took off of my door table, but before that they were from an old school table. I loved loved loved the door table, but it just wasn’t working out right for us. We needed a table for our patio, and round works so much better. (I’m just using the door as a decoration for now- I love it way too much to ever part with it.)

spool table metal legs



The black, wooden legs I got at the flea market. This one is up for sale on Craigslist. (It started to rain so I had to hurry up and snap a picture under the cover of our front porch. It was way too heavy to lug back out of the garage again later.)


spool table black legs


These things get thrown out after they are used, so if you see one empty at a construction site, just ask if you can have it! It might save them having to hoist this heavy thing into a dumpster!

10 thoughts on “Industrial Spool Table

  1. My dad worked for Western Electric and we used to have these spools as a picnic table when we were kids. Never thought about taking them apart.

  2. What a fabulous patio table – would love one of these!
    I’m giggling picturing you rolling that down the street LOL – could just hear my husband if I asked him to do that with me !!!

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