Junky Christmas Wreath Hanger

 We moved into our house, a fairly cookie cutter new construction, in April. After closing and buying essential furniture and appliances we didn’t have much money left for decorating. So, there is still a lot of white space on the walls. I am trying to dress up some of the empty space for the holidays, especially since we will be entertaining a few times. 

Here is a really quick and easy wreath hanger I made to fill an awkward space between our tv and the entrance to the room.


I took a Wal-Mart canvas that has been sitting unused for years and gave it a quick coat of red paint. I stapled burlap fabric from an old coffee sack to the frame and hot glued these handles that I’ve taken off of various old furniture projects. I added the Christmas wreath that I made last year using a plain wreath, Dollar Tree decorations and a hot glue gun and I’m very happy with the result.

Buying vintage or using handmade Christmas decorations is a small way to be more “green” this Christmas season.

Have any DIY plans for the holidays? Share them with me in the comments section!

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