Cheap & Easy- Just how I like my Christmas decor!

I have a confession to make:

I put my Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving.

Send out the angry mob- the “ONE HOLIDAY AT A TIME!”, “CHRISTMAS IS ONLY ONE DAY!” purists.

Here are my thoughts:

1.) haters-gonna-hate-cool-dog (Source)

2.) There is not enough joy in the world, if your Christmas tree makes you happy then leave that sucker up all year long for all I care. (I had a great-great uncle who did just that.)

4.) In blog land posting about your holiday decor a month in advance still seems late.

5.) We are traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas, which doesn’t leave much time to enjoy our own decorations in between.

6.) I am DIY-ing just about everything and that @#$! can take forever.

Ok, I am down off of my soapbox now and ready to show you a small Christmas project that WON’T take forever.

ball cage and reindeer head

Reindeer Mirror:

1.) Get a dollar store mirror.

2.) Print out a reindeer head. (You can find lots of different pictures using Google image search.)

3.) Cut out your reindeer head. You want to try to get really close to all the lines and get your cut as exact as possible.

5.) Put spray adhesive on the back of the paper reindeer head.

6.) Place it face up on your mirror.


4.) Spray paint over the whole thing.


5.) When the paint is dry, peel off your deer head stencil.


Using a cleaning wipe and a very careful finger tip I wiped off all the little smudgies (that’s the technical term for the residue left behind by the adhesive)

I used a hot glue gun to add some embellishments from my Dollar Tree ornament collection. (They need to start paying me for advertising or I should buy their stock or something!)

Sorry about my dark, indoor cell phone photography. Someone please tell Santa that I have been very good this year and need a real camera for Christmas. 🙂

Another cheap & easy Christmas decor post coming later this week!

One thought on “Cheap & Easy- Just how I like my Christmas decor!

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