Vintage School Chairs

I actually finished these chairs a few weeks ago, in preparation for my first garage sale, but I never got the chance to take decent pictures of them or put them on the blog because we were in such a time crunch.

The chairs are steel and came out of a local school. I got them for a steal from Sustainable Warehouse.


These were harder to reupholster because the bottom of the seat wasn’t wood, it was steel, so I couldn’t staple into it. I had to put a thin piece of plywood between the foam and the metal so I could staple the new fabric into that. I then had to figure out a way to reattach all the pieces. The seats are actually tied in place now.

It wasn’t the easiest or neatest reupholstery job, but they still look pretty cool if you ask me. Check them out!


(And isn’t the Study Room stamp cool?)

school chair stamps

More on that coffee table very soon! 🙂

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