My First Garage Sale

I have to admit, until a few Saturdays ago, I was a garage sale virgin. I have gone to plenty of garage sales over the years, but I had never actually held a garage sale.

I had several project pieces sitting in my garage either waiting for finishing touches or waiting to sell. I used to sell on Craigslist but, for whatever reason, that has really slowed down lately. (Some people speculate that it was because of a really tragic murder that happened here over the summer. A young man was trying to sell his truck on Craigslist and it ended horrifically. A reminder to ALWAYS be careful when you are dealing with people you don’t know, especially from the internet. It was a wake up call for me.)

I don’t have a store front or any booth space in a shop, so I really needed an outlet to get these things sold. Our community yard sale came at just the right time. I painted and reupholstered through the night to get some of these pieces finished in time. This was a rare opportunity for me to have so much foot traffic in my neighborhood and get these pieces sold. The time crunch means I don’t have a ton of great before and afters.

I was pleased with how much money we made, but my husband was completely shocked. The night before he was not too happy about having to stay up late to help make signs, finish projects, move things around, etc. But, he definitely wasn’t complaining when we handed the money that we made to the Best Buy cashier to pay for our new tv! And he also didn’t mind all the garage space that got freed up. (But I’m not gonna lie, it’s already full again!!!)

So anyway, here are a few pictures of the whole affair and some pieces that we we were selling:

IMAG1331The garage the night before.

IMAG1332 (1)One of our first customers. (But not quick enough, the green table was already sold!)

I can’t believe I don’t have a better picture of that green table. It’s a coffee table, but it has a leaf and opens up for storage! Wow! Can you believe it was a roadside find? When I found it it was black with peeling orange paint. Someone had clearly tried to paint it orange with latex paint with no primer.The paint didn’t adhere and it was a mess!


Here are close ups of a few of the items we had for sale:

IMAG1335 I scored these guys for $5 each at Sustainable Warehouse. They are still waiting for a home. A before and after post is coming soon!

IMAG1341This was a roadside find. She is still looking for a home too.

IMAG1336This was a roadside find and a quick little try-a-little-of-this-and-a-little-of-that type paint job. I didn’t like it because you can see those old, raised paint lines, but someone else actually loved it and it sold. 

IMAG1333These cool little whitewashed plank tables were also a roadside rescue and still waiting for the right buyer.

coffee tableI sold this table. You might have seen her in Trashy to Classy Vol. 7

bar stools up closeI also sold these. You might have seen these in Burlap & Bar Stools Pt. 2

2013-06-29 10.31.42I was sad to see this little nightstand go. But, I wanted to switch out the night stands in my guest room, so it had to happen.

blue burlap fringe chair2

The girl who bought this chair didn’t quite trust that the burlap would hold a person. I sat on it and did a little bounce and was quite impressed.

We also sold a few household items, like a baker’s rack, a large vase and a few other little things.

You can see that I still have some pieces that need to sell, but all in all, I am happy with how things turned out.

Any good garage sale tips for next time? I’m already thinking of the spring community yard sale! And I might try to get a flea market spot next weekend. Would love to know your tricks of the trade!

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