Boos and Booze Halloween Bash!

So, I have been pretty absent from my blog lately. Life has been really crazy. I actually completed SEVERAL projects in preparation for my first garage sale (more on that later) and for a Halloween party we had at our house, but didn’t have time to take pictures and write posts.

So, here are some of my (terrible cell phone) Halloween photos. Better late than never, right? And hey, you can always pin any you like for next year. 😛

Here is our table and a list of the projects I included:

1.) Tall black stand- This was an old candle sconce that I found. I just hot glued a small glass plate on top and spray painted the whole thing black. The glitter skull was from Ross.

2.) Gold pumpkins- These pumpkins were from Dollar Tree and so were the candlesticks that I hot glued them to. I spray painted the pumpkins gold, but the candlesticks were spray painted Rustoleum Aged Copper.

3.) The Dollar Tree rats are standing on little stands I made with cheap glass plates hot glued to Dollar Tree candlesticks. The whole thing was spray painted gold.

4.) The spiders were also from the Dollar Tree and spray painted gold. (Are you sensing a pattern, yet?)

5.) The orange sparkle pumpkins were from Dollar Tree as well. (Again, a pattern.)

6.) The black pot in the background used to be brass, but spray painted black it was the perfect candy cauldron. The hand… you guessed it, Dollar Tree!

7.) The tall candlesticks were from Goodwill. The tall orange candles were 97 cents at WalMart.

8.) The hanging skeletons were from a garland that I got at the Dollar Tree. I just cut them apart to get more bang for my buck.

halloween table1

halloween table2

Of course our party was complete with grown-up treats! The wine labels were printables from I just Modge Podged the new labels right over the old labels. (Except for the Barefoot wine bottles. FYI, they have exceptionally easy to peel labels!) The sign I just printed and stuck in a frame.



And then we had a few things on the island:

Pretty much everything I used was from Dollar Tree (except for the beaker and glitter skull). The eye ball “blood” is just water with red food dye. (Like our cluttered fridge?! Keepin’ it real.)


Sorry again for my late and scattered post! More soon on our first garage sale and mounting our new tv!

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