It’s Officially Fall!

Yay for the first day of fall- the season that is all about pumpkins, football, campfires, ghost stories and a little break from the heat of a Southern summer! (Truth be told, I am actually a serious summer gal, but I am trying to make myself excited for the change of seasons.)

So to celebrate this autumnal occasion, I thought I’d start decorating our house with some fall inspired pieces and share my ideas with you. If you know me at all, you know this means they are cheap and easy! (not me, the decor, c’mon.)


This arrangement cost me about $3. I had the bucket, books and pine straw and Wal-Mart has these little bags of gourds for like 3 bucks. Just look around the house for any sort of decorative container you aren’t using, pull some pine straw, hay, leaves, whatever you can find outside and grab some gourds. If the container is deep at all, you might have to boost the pine straw and gourds up a little bit. I filled the bottom of my bucket with plastic grocery bags.


I seriously lucked out on these bottles. My boss was getting rid of them- she used them for her greenhouse- and knew I loved all sorts of junk so she gave them to me. The old beaker, the jars with funky black plugs- be still my vintage heart. I knew they would be perfect for Halloween! But even if you don’t happen to have any old beakers lying around, you could pull off a great look with wine bottles, vases, mason jars, etc. I did my layering with unpopped popcorn, black beans and black eyed peas. I cut the pumpkins out of old book pages and found the sticks in my back yard. The lighting in my house is terrible for pictures and I’m just an amateur with a camera phone- but I’ll try to get some better ones eventually. When my husband came in and saw these (specifically the beaker one with the sticks), he took it to be a really serious work of art. He titled it “Fall- A Lack of Leaves”. Sorry honey, it’s not that serious. 🙂

What are some of your favorite quick and easy fall decor tips?

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