Burlap & Bar Stools- The Final Episode

Ok, that’s a little dramatic… let’s call this Burlap & Bar Stools Part 3. But I am finally finished making over every bar stool that I own. haha.

I couldn’t decide whether I was going to keep the previous set or sell them. I loved the way that they turned out and that there were 3 of them- but they were pretty uncomfortable for me. My husband didn’t mind them, but the lower bar didn’t work for my height and there wasn’t enough room for me to sit cross legged like the 5-year-old child that I truly am. (Seriously, if you could see me right now- left knee bent up against my desk and right leg spread across the top. I sit in ridiculous ways.) Well after revamping our current pair of comfy bar stools, I have made a decision- the triplets go on Craigslist and the comfy twins stay.

I don’t think they look as polished and neat as the 3-some, since the cushions are not framed, but I made up for that by using my 2 favorite logos from my coffee sack lot. 🙂 So when it comes to style or comfort- I guess I already knew that I always pick comfort!

Here they are if you want to take a peek:



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