Burlap & Bar Stools Pt. 2

I warned you this was coming… after I did the first bar stool in burlap coffee sacks, I found 5 more that I wanted to give the same treatment. So I bring you Burlap & Bar Stool Pt. 2…

I got all three for TEN DOLLARS! That price is fuh-reaking amazing considering how expensive bar stools usually are. I snagged them off of a Charleston online yard sale Facebook group. There really might be one (or 10) of these pages for your city and they are GOLD. It’s like Craigslist, but you can kind of see who you are dealing with ahead of time, the norms of most groups (in my experience) is to meet in public and so far the prices seem lower.


I spray painted them black using Rustoleum flat black. Have I mentioned that I am starting to really dislike spray paint? It’s not as predictable of a medium for me as regular old latex. It’s uneven or it’s rough or it takes wayyyyy more spray paint than I ever expected and isn’t as economical… I’m just not a huge fan. I know it’s me and my lack of skill, no offense to any spray paint lovers out there. Leave me a comment with any spray paint tips you wanna share!!

Then, I took off the seats and covered those with my super yummy coffee sacks. (What am I going to do when I eventually run out of these?! Oh who am I kidding… buy more, that’s what I’ll do.)



These were meant to keep and replace the bar stools at our island, but I am sitting in one as we speak, er, type, er, read, whatever and they are not as comfy as our old ones. So we’ll see… comfort or style… the age old battle!

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