$5 French Chic Coffee Table

I love the way this table turned out and it was such a breeze. Seriously, you can do this. Even if you have never done a single DIY project before… You can do this.

I got this oak colored coffee table off of Craigslist for $5. It’s not solid wood but it’s sturdy… So for $5, I don’t care. Zinnser Bullseye Primer will stick to anything- even super glossy laminate.

I forgot to take a before picture… Oops!

But I took my usual steps…

1.) Primed it.
2.) Painted the whole thing Ironwood from a Behr sample pot.

3.) I went over the top with a thin dry brush layer of Behr Prelude. (It was actually to cover up a bad design I started on top and because I had already used the last of my Ironwood… But even though it was an accident, it totally added dimension! See there is no reason to be afraid of trying things!)
4.) Put the fleur de lis on using a stamp from Hobby Lobby and gold spray paint.
5.) Used painter’s tape to mark off the grain sack inspired lines on the sides.


6.) Painted over the tape with a Behr cream type color.
7.) Removed the tape.


8.) Added the word Paris underneath using this transfer method.


9.) Distressed using fine grit sandpaper and an electric sander in some spots.

Paris Coffee Table

Paris Coffee Table long

She is up for sale, but I do love this little table, so hopefully she goes to a good home. :’) They grow up so fast.

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