Trashy to Classy Vol. 6

I just about died when I saw this chair out on my neighbors curb next to the trash can. I didn’t grab it right away because there were these 2 guys watching me as I slowed my car down and it totally weirded me out. I went to run an errand and driving back I was SO nervous that someone else had grabbed it while I was gone! But lo and behold, when I got back, there were no creepy men and she was hiding behind the trash can… from the 2 creepy men… waiting just for me. 🙂


The caning was busted out, but look at those carved details! *swoon* The spindles are also gorgeous (but I have a love/hate relationship with spindles because they are a total %!+&# to paint!)

I sucked it up and primed the whole chair- even the spindles- with Zinnser Bullseye Primer and used what I had left of a Behr sample pot in Ironwood to paint it. (love this color!)


Once that was dry I used a fine grit sandpaper over a sanding sponge to distress it. I really liked this technique on a smaller, more delicate piece like this. It got in the details and gave it a naturally worn look, more so than the electric sander would have done on those details.

To put some dark color in the carvings and really make them pop, I used a mixture of black stain and Penetrol. This time I put the mixture in a spray bottle to really get into those grooves (lay it back to lessen drips) and wiped it immediately with a t-shirt. In the future I might try to let it dry longer. 


Obviously, I knew I was going to have to figure out a way to repair that seat! I am not about to get into the business of replacing caning. (I know caning by hand has to be so laborious and tedious! It hurt me to rip out what was left of this caning- all those little hand tied knots… ugh. But it had to be done.)

So I decided to replace the seat with one of the coffee sacks that I got on eBay a few months back. I thought I was going to have to create some sort of upholstery weave situation or cover the seat with wood to make it sturdy enough, but the thick burlap of the coffee sack and a simple staple gun did the trick! I have sat on it and haven’t fallen through yet! *knock on wood*

And here is the final result:

sack chair


chair before and after

What do you guys think? Find again good trashy treasures lately?

3 thoughts on “Trashy to Classy Vol. 6

  1. Totally love that you got this from your neighbor. The details in the wood are darling! And I have no idea what canning is, googling that now, but I like what you did with the seat. We’re recovering our dining room chairs and it is SO much easier than you would think!

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