Coffee Sack Chairs

I’m back with another makeover from my Auction Action loot!

I got these sweet little chairs for $5 (for the pair)! No one else wanted them and they were about to just be discarded. NOO!! They were in obvious need of repair, but they had so much charm! What you can’t see in the pictures is that the wood had been glued back together in several places, one of the flower decals had a section missing, there were cracks that needed more glue and the seats were a little moldy. (See that binder clip? That is the super professional way to hold something together while you are waiting for the glue to dry.)



I knew that I am not good enough at restoration to bring these back to full glory, but I gave it a shot. I glued where I could glue and where the glue wouldn’t work, I even had to put in a little screw that I tried my best to conceal with paint. :/

I primed them and after toying with black, went with Behr Light French Gray paint. (Seriously, these sample pots go a long way for less than $3.) (I still think black would have looked cool- but my intention was to sell these and experience has taught me that white/gray sells so much better than bolder colors. Phooey.)

I recovered the seats with a dark purple linen from an old tablecloth, but they just didn’t have enough “shabang” to them.

Enter eBay coffee sack lot… I got 10 HUGE coffee sacks with different logos for $22.50 including shipping. Not too shabby considering that it works out to be less per yard than plain old burlap fabric.






And here they are after being painted, re-re-covered and distressed… still not in perfect shape, but sturdy and cute.






These got a really great response on Craigslist! The buyer really did get a bargain because they weren’t in pristine condition. 

And I have plenty more coffee sacks to use on future projects… so excited!

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