Dresser in Distress

Severallllll weeks ago I got this dresser from a seller on Craigslist for $35. I really needed some extra drawer space in the bedroom. We met in a parking lot in the pouring rain, so I had 0 time to do any inspecting. She said the drawers worked fine, and I won’t say she was lying but she was um, incorrect. The rail to the bottom drawer was completely hanging off and one drawer was headed that direction. This was definitely a dresser in distress. I don’t have a before picture unfortunately, but I’m sure you can imagine the old, oaky finish.

She got the typical treatment. Primed with Zinnser Bullseye, took off the hardware, painted the frame with Behr Prelude (just a sample size) and painted the drawers with Behr Light French Gray (also sample size). I distressed using my electric sander and put the hardware back on. The only tough thing about painting this was that the little faux keyhole at the top wouldn’t come off. So I just taped it off, painted around it and distressed the area to make it sort of blend in. I’m not too picky.

I finally got the world’s tiniest little nuts and bolts to fix the drawer rails but we’ll see when I get around to doing it. Whadaya think if I said 2 weeks- over or under? Oh well, we’ll see…

Anyway, here she is …. 🙂 I’m just loving the colors! And Behr samples are less than $3!! Holler.


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