Trashy to Classy Vol. 5

A few weeks back, I found this sturdy but plain little shelf out on the curb for trash pick up.


Well, around the same time I fell in love with all things book pages. (Maybe you remember my little table?) So this little shelf got the book page decopauge treatment just like that little table. It can be slightly time consuming, but it’s an easy and inexpensive way to really make a piece unique.

You just need your book pages (or other paper), a paint brush and a thing of Modge Podge (WalMart craft aisle $7).

1.) Paint Modge Podge over the surface area you want to cover.

2.) Lay down your first piece of paper.

3.) Paint over your paper with Modge Podge.

4.) Continue doing this, arranging your pages as desired and making sure that you completely cover each piece with Modge Podge after you lay it down.

The Modge Podge will look white but it does dry clear and gives the pages a smooth, protective finish. A few extra layers of Modge Podge after you are finished never hurts.

I painted the rest of it black (a mixture of Behr Broadway and Stealth Jet that I had on hand). Instead of priming I used homemade chalk paint that worked pretty well. (1 cup of baking soda for every 2 cups of paint, mixed very well. I actually took an attachment that I never use from my kitchen mixer and popped it into my electric drill and it worked perfectly!) Then, of course, I distressed with my B&D Mouse Sander.

Here is the after shot:


She will reside happily in our guest room until she sells. 🙂

I also used this technique to accent the drawer fronts of a little nightstand that my boss was getting ready to throw out. (I feel like I should have a superhero persona who swoops in and saves furntiure from the trash man!)


The rails that hold the drawers were busted and I’m not handy enough to fix them, so my husband just cut the fronts off of the drawers and we glued them on- now they are faux drawer fronts. Haha. Not a big deal since it is in our guest room and doesn’t really need to have storage.

I have a few more trashy treasures that I am working on- so be on the lookout for Volume 6. 🙂

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