Auction Action!

Wow! It’s been a little while since my last post, which is kind of surprising since I’ve been crazy busy doing projects!

Here are some of the pieces that I picked up at an auction last week:




This chair has some cane damage, but it was too cool and unique to pass up! I think I am going to leave the finish as is and just patch over the broken caning with a logo from one of the old coffee sacks I won on eBay. Pictures soon!


These two antique chairs came in a set and were in perfect condition! They are comfy and beautiful! And $20 for the pair… Yes please! We are using them as desk chairs. Here they are in our office.


Cleopatra loves them too. Can you tell?


This old trunk is soon going to be the new home for our filing system! It had a WWI uniform in it that was auctioned off separately. It’s estimated to be from the late 1800s- early 1900s! Goodbye old clutter box, hello fabulous organization! I’ll let you know how that little project goes.


These little lovelies needed some TLC but no one else wanted them and I got the pair for $5. Their charm is worth that to me. They are in the process of being repaired, painted and reupholstered. I started painting them white with purple upholstery, but now that I am getting these coffee sacks I am thinking black paint with the logo from the sack covering the seat.


This little stool is plain, but sturdy and cheap. With a quick paint to make it more interesting, I think I could sell it.

I got all of that for under $100! Imagine what I would have paid in an antique store. Yikes! *Actually I would have paid nothing, because there is no way I would have bought them at retail prices! 🙂

Ever been to an auction? Do you love them like I do? Let me know!

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