Road Trippin’ & Flea Market Finds

This weekend my husband and I drove to Charlotte, NC to see his brother play in a marching band competition.


          Blooooo! Go Bluecoats!

On the way up there we saw a sign for a place called Barnyard Flea Market- sounds like my kind of place! On the way back we were on less of a time crunch so we stopped to look around. We didn’t stay long. It was late in the afternoon, so most of the vendors were packing up and we had the dog so we could only hit the outdoor booths. But I got lucky and found this rusty old toolbox that I thought had a great look! This sweet older Hispanic man was selling tools and random hardware odds and ends- he couldn’t believe I wanted this rusty old thing that was missing the tool tray inside instead of one of his nicer toolboxes. I had to assure him that yes, I was sure and no I didn’t mind the rust. 🙂 He sold it to me for $5 and threw in this little bracket I liked for free! (We needed something to hang a windchime we bought a few weeks ago!)


Cleopatra got LOTS of attention at the flea market- all that adoration sure can tire a diva out!


Anyway… Just wanted to show off my new tool box (retired tool box- just decorative now!) and show that just a little spontaneous detour and $5 can get you some  goodies and a few good memories! 🙂

If you have any good memories of random places you stumbled upon like that, do share!!

I'd love to know you were here! Leave a comment!

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