Fun Mail Day #2!


I got this old crate panel on ebay for $5! (plus s&h)

Husband question of the day: “Do we have a year on that or like, know where it’s from?”


Anyway husband questions aside- I can’t wait to hang this on a wall! I’ll share pictures of course!

(I’m thinking I could rig a soda can tab on the back to make ot hang. Any other suggestions?)

One thought on “Fun Mail Day #2!

  1. Get a hanging kit from Michael’s or Joann’s. They’ll have something that normally would go on the back of a picture frame, so it’ll have really short nails that will hold well but not go too deep into the wood.

    So exciting to see your house coming along! If you ever do come to Philly we’ll have to do a pinterest project on my house!

    xo! J

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