Trashy to Classy Vol. 3

I have spent the last few days sweating it out in the garage and busting my booty to finish a bunch of projects. Hence, the influx of blog posts. I am a bad blogger and don’t schedule my posts for a certain day of the week (I’m too impatient to wait.) or try to blog every day (I’d rather just post when I have the content, instead of trying to scrape together something stupid as a filler- my posts might still be stupid, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. haha!). One day, I’ll grow up to be a big girl, er, blogger and change my ways. But for now, here is part of the post flood:

Side note: After writing this post and that little spiel, I have decided to try to be more scheduled about my posts. I think I will try to release a new post every Friday… and a “bonus” day in between if I get too impatient. As a reader, do you like a more scheduled blog? Let me know!

One of my curbside finds from the last few weeks was this end table:


It has some particle board pieces that had some damage, and the color wasn’t ideal, but nothing a little paint and some distressing couldn’t spruce up. (And, check out that cool drawer pull- unique shape and great patina!) Hey, in my book, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be better than it was before. ๐Ÿ™‚

To paint it I first had to take the hardware off and then, prime the whole thing. I had to use a primer suitable to all surfaces since this had wood, composite, metal, whatever that woven stuff is, etc. Usually I use Zinnser’s Bulls Eye, but this time Rustoleum Painter’s Touch spray primer in gray did the trick.

I then painted it with regular old Behr latex paint in “Silver Screen” that I had on hand.

I didn’t cover all of the woven looking top with white, I let some of the gray show through there to give it some dimension and contrast.

Distressed the edges with a sander, popped the hardware back on and she was ready to go on Craigslist. This table was a freebie, and I used materials that I had on hand so this is really a no risk way to try to make a little extra money (that I just put back into materials and new pieces, generally).

NOTE: The paint job on this piece had a lot of blemishes. It was hot and the paint was drying too quickly. To remedy this problem I added Floetrolย (less than $7 in the paint section at Home Depot) to the paint before I did the second coat. It mixes in with the paint to extend dry time and make it go on smoother. ย My second coat went on like butter and I was able to hide a lot of the imperfections that way. What I can’t hide with a second coat of paint- that’s where I always start my distressing and sand all those little oopsies away! It doesn’t have to be perfect- don’t stress, DISTRESS!

Here’s the end result:




Seriously, let me know what you think about that whole scheduled posts debacle!
What do you like better- sporadic posts when the content is there, or more scheduled posts (like one day a week)?!

3 thoughts on “Trashy to Classy Vol. 3

  1. super cute – love the paint choice! I’ve been blogging for some time now, and I still haven’t figured out a “preferred” time to post. I think posting on the weekends can get you more views, b/c more people are browsing. Check out your stats and see if certain posts are more popular – it can have a lot to do with when you post (day & time) rather than content. if you have a lot of content at once, you can also always draft and then post weekly or whatever works for your schedule. good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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