Antique Wax Finish WITHOUT the Antique Wax Price!

This week and last week I really went into major finish project mode. I had so many things crowding my garage that it got really hard to work in there. I needed these things finished and OUT for sanity’s sake. My husband stepped in and really helped me speed up the process in the final push for these projects. (Poor guy was probably a little more motivated to help than usual considering one of the pieces that was stuck in the garage was his dresser.)

I also learned a new trick last week (with the help of some fabulous girls who work in the paint department at my local Home Depot)- how to get that dark, antique wax finish that I LOVE without the price that I don’t love so much. I know a lot of people are die hard fans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Furniture Wax- and I can see why- she makes some great products in gorgeous colors, but a.) I can’t buy it locally and b.) I can’t afford it.

So here is my cheater knock-off method- use Penetrol (less than $10 @ HD) to dilute your favorite shade of Minwax stain and use it like a glaze. (You can use any oil-based stain or paint, but I like Minwax and I know it works.)

Using a regular kitchen sponge, I wiped the mixture into the lines and spaces that I wanted to darken up a little bit and then a few seconds later, rubbed it in and wiped off the excess with a clean sponge. I didn’t use a specific Penetrol-stain ratio and I didn’t always wait the same amount of time- just play around with it (start at the back or in not so visible area) and see what you like. I do know that you don’t need to use much stain at all and you don’t need to let it sit very long either before wiping (less than a minute- I would say).

Here are some before and afters of pieces that I used this technique on:

My $20 thrift store dresser (I wiped the antiquing solution horizontally across the dresser drawers.):

2013-06-09 17.27.10

2013-06-14 19.05.19

2013-06-14 19.05.46

2013-06-14 19.04.19

Ben’s Craigslist french provincial dresser (again used the solution horizontally across the drawers): 


2013-06-19 22.14.57

Desk from auction: (I used the antiquing solution to darken up the wood that is showing through in distressed areas.) *THIS PIECE IS FOR SALE HERE*



Octagon table from auction (I used this in the indents, those little circles and across the top-tutorial on how to do the typography on top coming soon!):


2013-06-13 18.54.52

2013-06-17 21.56.30

 2013-06-21 11.25.33

2013-06-17 21.58.12 (1)

Let me know what you think, if you have any questions or know of any other good methods for an antique finish!! 🙂 


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