Bird Bath, Throw Pillows & Decor Steals

You know those deal-of-the-day email lists that started off awesome but now seem to be a dime a dozen and full of junk?! No Groupon, I do not need a sound amplifying earbud. No LivingSocial, I do not want your bargain botox deal. You get the picture…

We all have lots of JUNK coming to our inbox, but I did find one deal a day email list that you just might LOVE.

It’s called Decor Steals. Their buyers have great style and they send out one vintage/shabby chic decor deal a day. Their prices definitely beat a lot of retail stores, but if you are a thrift-er/flea market shopper they are obviously going to be more expensive. It’s kind of perfect if you love the vintage or shabby style, but don’t thrive on “the hunt” aka digging through junk at Goodwill, yard sales, etc.

So far I have bought a bird feeder and 2 throw pillows. Check them out:




Aren’t they adorable? Go to and sign up if you want to get their daily deals!

Don’t forget to comment and let us know YOUR favorite bargain/decor resources! Don’t keep secrets, share the wealth, people! šŸ™‚

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