My addiction pays off…

For about 2 years now I, like most women, have been hopelessly addicted to Pinterest. But, Pinterest was just the gateway drug. First I tried Pinterest, then I moved on to reading blogs about upcycled furniture, vintage makeovers and home decor. And once that didn’t quite get me goin’ anymore, I ventured out to thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets and started to do my own junking and makeovers. That’s when you’ve really succumb to the dark (and by dark I mean fabulous) side.

BUT BUT BUT it CAN pay off!

Today I made my first Craigslist sale!! (ok, I sold a microwave before…but this is different)

I had this old dinette set that I had in my college apartment (what up, Sloan Street), my Atlanta apartment and then in our Charleston apartment. It was WalMart quality, about 5 years old and the seats had more wine stains than you could count… I didn’t want it, and I knew nobody else was going to want it either. So I experimented… and made this cute chalkboard table with floral chairs. 🙂


-First, I reupholstered the seats. I unscrewed the seats from the chair base and just used a staple gun to staple the new fabric right over the old fabric. I did a layer of black first (to make sure none of the old fabric showed through the new fabric), then covered with a bright floral print. Then, screwed the seats back on. (I sprayed some ScotchGuard on them to make them a little more stain resistant.)

-Second, I primed the top of the table. (I love me some Zinnser covers-absolutely-everything Bullseye Primer.)

-Then, I used chalkboard paint (WalMart, spray paint aisle) and made the top of the table into a chalk write-able surface. (Note: I tried spray paint first but found it really difficult to get an even coat over a large surface area.) I had better luck with a roller and a bucket of chalkboard paint instead of the spray can. (Note numero dos: This stuff dries fairly quickly. Do NOT roll over a spot that is not totally wet or totally dry thinking you will smooth it out. You won’t. It will pull the paint up a little and be SUPER bumpy and annoying. If it happens to you- Once it was dry, I sparingly used my electric sander with some fine grit sand paper and smoothed out some of the worst parts a little bit.)

-Before you play on new chalkboard paint, you have to cover the whole surface with a layer of chalk and wipe it off.

And have fun! Play games, label your dishes at a cook out, whatever floats your boat!

Spent: $40 (primer, paint, brushes, etc.)  Sold for: $100  Hundred dolla hollaaa!

And it was even better that it went to a family with the cutest little girl who just loved drawing all over the table!

Any other ideas for fun places to use chalkboard paint?!?

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