Adventures of a Leaky Pipe

I wrote this a few weeks ago but never published-
Remember my last post about listening to the peaceful sounds of nature and being all heavenly and zenned out? Two days into our brand new house and we have a wet spot on our living room ceiling, right below the master toilet. Clearly the pipe from the toilet is leaking. Gross. We called in the plumber who handles our builders warranty and he said no, it’s not the toilet, it might be rain water… on the bottom floor… right under the toilet that you can hear leaking onto the ceiling below… rain water, right. So he is not going to fix it now. Instead, we need to wait until it spreads further to really make sure it’s the  toilet and not rain water. No no no. So I go upstairs and flush the toilet about 50 times to demonstrate that it is in fact the toilet and sure enough it has spread across the ceiling (if it is going to spread I’d rather it be clean flushed water… wouldn’t you?) but by this time he is gone.

Moral of the story: Always listen to the woman. The professional is wrong and the husband just listens to the professional. Just listen to the woman.

Update: After a several week process the pipe and the ceiling are repaired. But not before I got in a few good I-told-you-sos.

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